Typographic Expression, a collaborative book: Artistic-Literary Collaboration.

Now the rules in english!

Oficina Tipográfica Marvel, with the goal of printing a book in letterpress, announces a contest of micro-story, micro-poetry and micro-illustration.
The but of the project is to make a collaborative book, with  contributions from anyone who is interested; as well as promote and encourage the work of writers and artists, giving the possibility of edite their work.

The contest rules are:

1. All people can participate, whatever the age or the nationality. Everyone can participate with 2 works, but it will be edit one as maximum.

2. The theme is free. Everything is allowed, as long as the expression is not against the expression freedom of others.

3. The extension of writting piece will be 350 characters maximum (without tittle or espaces). Attention, characteres are letters, not words.
For the illustration, the impression size maximum will be 10×15 and in one colour (black).

4. The pieces can be writting in any language.

5. The pieces are to be original of the person who send them. We accept piece that have been participated in other contest, always that they have not been winners (usually, those pieces have copyright).

6. The original can be sending in digital support to: oficina.tipografica.marvel@gmail.com.
You should write also your contact information: name, email, address, age, and how did you knew this proyect.

7. This contest is not competitive. It will not have first prizes. The authors whose work will be published, they will have a copy of the book.

8. You have until December, 6 for sending your work.

9. The list with the works selectioned will be public before December 10 in the web, and we will send an email to the people selectioned.
The jury will be people relationed with Oficina Tipográfica Marvel.

10. The book will be printed and distributed with copyleft. This means that the content can be used in other media, as long as the author’s name and source appears.



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