Typographic expression, a collaborative book.

Here you have the proyect that I have in mind since some time. Who knows me, they know that I am a person who likes the bet: everything or nothing.

After working a little bit, doing some visit cards or the menstrual calender … I want to do a book!

Why? Well, when I travel, I know someone and I speak about my work in the printing, almost everyone says to me: “-Ah! Do you make books?”. And I have to down the head and answer: “-No… we do just comercial printing…”.

libro antiguoBooks are my passion since I am small, taking them between my hands, look inter, feeling the leave’s smell… a melancholic, I know. But books are everytime closer of prehistoric category, and if we add the letterpress: we’ll have a real past travel!

economía-de-la-colaboraciónAnd why colaborative? Because for doing this project I’ll need the colaboration of everyone who wants being part of it. I have organised the colaboration in three steps. Of course, everyone who colaborate will have something in exchange, according to their collaboration. The book will be the reward more normal, between other stuff.

  1. Artistic-Literary Collaboration. All book needs something very important: content. We’ve opened a contest of micro-story, micro-poetry and micro-illustration. This is a great opportunity to everyone who wants see herself in a book. Take a look to the rules.
  2. Economic collaboration. Something ussual in the starts, is the lack of economical resources. But don’t worry, we’re going to open a crowfunding in Verkami. When it will be ready, you will know it.
  3. Tecnic collaboration. Our book will be doing with letterpress, but also everything will be handmade. The main reason of this it’s because the atelier hasn’t the machines for doing the work. For that, we’ll need a lot of hands. That’s a great opportunity for learning how works letterpress. Also, don’t forget that I’m just starting, the atelier is opened to everyone who wants learning.





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